It has been a year and I still don’t know how to spell my name. And that’s okay.

This is the post excerpt.

In Japan, you get many cards.  Some are official. Some are for fun. Some land in both realms of the above. And some need your name.

If you were like me, and had the majority of your visa, insurance and living situation paperwork done for you, you might have the problem that I have.

But what truly causes the problem, issue, slight annoyance that is this problem, is my name.

If your name has too many possible variations, you will have both a curse and a boon.

Because it is possible no one can find you if no one can right your name properly but you.

Hand staring at 11 pm, or It’s way past my bedtime to think of this

Have you ever stared at your hands, wondering if the pink nick on your right ring finger is from doing something productive, or if it was just you being to lazy to hold the dull knife properly?

By doing something productive, you think, carving a wooden ring of owls for your love, even though you aren’t a red-haired lord from ancient Scotland.  (youdohaveoneofthosethingsthough…)

Or getting bitten by a pretty black kitty with a white belly who is no where near you right now because you made the decision to not finalize the cat import process you started because you would be home eventually, right?

Or was it a scar from some hive or zit that showed up on your skin, and you ignored it until you couldn’t stand it and you just ripped out the blasted thing after it annoyed you enough because. You. Are. Just. That. Badass.

The other side of the argument says that you didn’t do any of those cool things, but instead held the knife at a weird angle while cutting the 15th serving of cheese when you should have stopped at 3. The knife, being dull, didn’t like the hard cheese you chose, and decided you delicious and pliable flesh was a much better option.

Obviously, it was dull because you couldn’t be bothered to sharpen it before using it.

And if you had purchased neosporin while at the store, rather than forgetting everything but the wonder that is 36 yen konnyaku, would you have the scar at all?

You aren’t exactly certain that is how that nick got there, but as you add up the amount of personal ticks and notes, you realize it was definitely the latter that made that nick.